As teens transition into adulthood, and with permanent teeth in place, it is crucial to emphasize healthy oral habits for a smile that will last a lifetime.

Ages: 20-22 yr

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Ages: 0-24mo

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Ages: 0-22 yr

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Ages: 3-12 yr

Getting kids to brush their teeth has been a struggle as old as dentistry. We have some proven tips and suggestions to help your kids develop good habits.


It all starts when your baby's first teeth start coming in. Get the answers you need about proper nutrition and how to start healthy habits early!

Establishing good oral health can be stressful for parents and children alike. Find out how best to handle that beautiful set of teeth from a trusted source.

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Here at Tooth Story, we love to serve the pediatric population and young adults ages 0-22. Our mission is to provide care for your child or young adult beyond the traditional practice of dentistry. We consider what will motivate your child to learn about preventive oral health and provide fun and engaging opportunities that will make a lasting impression for a lifetime of healthy smiles!

Ages:13-19 yr

Knowing the twenties are a critical time for oral health, parents want their "big kids" to have a dental home away from home for continuing a lifetime of healthy habits.