Originally From:  Wamego, KS

Family:  I have 3 brothers, 1 sister and my 2 dogs Mila and Lokai. 

In My Free Time I Like To:  Ride horses, read, play tennis, hike and spend time with family and friends. 

Favorite Saying: “Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.” – John Wayne

If I Could Be a Superhero I Would Be: Wonder Woman with her “Lasso of Truth”…I mean can you even imagine how many times it would be so great to have that superpower?!?

In Another Life I Would Be: A bird so I could fly! 


What I Love Most About My Job: When kids love to come to the dentist 😊​

Our vision is to present dentistry as an exciting opportunity for fun and family-centered care for children and young adults ages 0-22 years. By building an atmosphere designed to relate to the imagination,

Tooth Story makes the experience of seeing the dentist a life adventure! We know there's nothing in the world that gives parents/guardians more joy than seeing a warm smile spread across their children's faces.

At Tooth Story, we have the passion, dedication, commitment and knowledge to make that happen.

Emilie McCLellan, D.D.S.

Originally From:   Garden City, KS

Family: My husband Luke and our 2 fur-babies Tiny (Chihuahua terrier mix) and Duke (Golden Retriever puppy) 

In My Free Time I Like To: Go fishing and hunting with my husband, K-State football games and spending time with our dogs, friends and family. 

Favorite Saying:  “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than
​you think.”- Christopher Robin to Winnie the Pooh

What I Like Most About My Job: At Tooth Story, we do WAY more than just dentistry! We make things fun and I love the creativity to support the community and engage with kids. I love the people I work with…it is a great team that is so supportive and caring!

If I Could Be a Superhero, I Would Be:  Any Marvel superhero…I LOVE them all!

Lacey: Dental Assistant

We understand you don't want to trust your child's dental care to just anyone. Selected for professionalism and their love of children, our staff has a unique and fun-loving nature that brings our practice to life and gives your family the trust you can count on.

​​Rebeca loves welcoming new and existing patients into the practice. We love her enthusiasm for special events

and decorating the office in all sorts of fun and creative ways for kids.” – Tooth Fairy

Originally From:  Holton, KS

Family:  I have 2 sisters and I’m recently married to my husband Colten.

In My Free Time I Like To: Play pool, take naps and watch movies.​

Person I’d Most Like to Meet: Johnny Depp…so very interesting and talented!

If I Could Be a Superhero I Would Be: Iron Man

In Another Life I Would Be: A cat…which I suppose explains my love for catnaps 😊

What I Like Most About My Job: Seeing children have fun and enjoy coming to the dentist!

Rebeca: Front Desk & Special Events

Cherrine: Insurance & Sedation Care Coordinator

About Us

Originally From: Manhattan, KS

Family: With my husband Lowell we have 3 cats (Mischief, Rascal and Scamp) and we recently rescued a dog named Bandit.

In My Free Time I Like To: Perform and direct theater at the Manhattan Arts Center on Poyntz…so much fun!​

Favorite Saying: There are no happy endings, just happy people!”

In Another Life I would Be:  A farmer with lots of different animals. 

Most Surprising Thing About Me: I’m allergic to caffeine so no coffee for me!

​​What I Love Most About My Job: Getting to work with great people who really care about patients and their community.                                     

P: 785.370.8004   I  F: 785.370.8007   I   www.ToothStoryDental.com   I  DrEmilie@ToothStoryDental.com
320 Sunset Avenue, Manhattan, Kansas 66502

Denise: Dental Assistant

Jackie: Front Desk Manager / Patient Coordinator

Dr. Emilie is a general dentist that has dedicated her career to serving the pediatric population and young adults. Tooth Story is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to create a place for kids and young adults to go for their oral health needs through a child-centered approach. As a mother of two, Dr. Emilie understands firsthand the anxieties and importance of having your children loved and cared for. Dr. Emilie and her staff strive to create an environment where kids and young adults learn valuable lessons and have fun at the dentist!

Dr. Emilie completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). She is native to Manhattan, KS, and a graduate of Kansas State University where she was also a student-athlete having played for the K-State Wildcats women's basketball team. Dr. Emilie has a wide range of experiences that include inner-city clinics, special-needs patients and rural areas working specifically with the pediatric population. Upon returning home to Manhattan, Dr. Emilie is excited to provide excellent dental care to youth in Manhattan and all surrounding communities.

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Originally From: Jamestown, N.D.

Family: My husband Brent, our children Whitney and Cooper, and our two dogs.

In My Free Time I Like To: Sewing, crochet, reading and crafts.

Favorite Saying: Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

I will never be seen without:  A good cup of coffee…love it!

In another life I would be:  A Garden Fairy to spread beauty with flowers! 


​​What I Love Most About My Job: Making my patients feel comfortable and to SMILE! 😁

Denise has a genuine love for people (especially kids) and dentistry…what a great combination! As a mom, Denise loves to educate children and parents alike on ways to make brushing and flossing fun.” – Tooth Fairy

Meet the doctor

Meet the TEAM

Kellie: Dental Assistant

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Cherrine brings a joyful personality to the office combined with a genuine passion for customer service.
​She loves helping families better understand their dental insurance and sedation options.” –
Tooth Fairy

Lacey has a heart for children and a special way of connecting with them. Whether it’s talking Disney movies

or reading books during their appointment, kids feel so at ease with her fun, quiet spirit.” – Tooth Fairy

“A current student at Kansas State University, Kellie is very easy going and loves to laugh. She enjoys reading

books and interacting with kids ​while they wait for their turn to see Dr. Emilie.” – Tooth Fairy